Silverstripe Ltd.

Create the web

We create exceptional web experiences and products that enable people to transform organisations using the web. Beyond that, our message points to something bigger - the desire to define the future of what the web can be, helping to push it into new places.

Open source

We are strong advocates of open source software. We believe in - and have experienced firsthand - the power of an open developer community. The best way to encourage and create better software is to have people contribute back to the main code base and share their work with others.

Our flagship product, the Silverstripe Content Management System (CMS), is a free, open source download, alongside Silverstripe Framework, the powerful core which underpins the CMS. The platform is released under the BSD license because we consider it the most business-friendly and developer-friendly license.
We have seen strong growth in adoption of our software around the globe. Many of our larger customers are now developing unique and novel solutions on top of Silverstripe CMS and are integrating our software deep into their own product offerings.

As the technology industry evolves and open source increasingly becomes the default option for businesses, organisations and government, Silverstripe CMS will remain at the centre of this evolution and help push awareness and adoption not only for open source, but related movements such as open data.

International presence

Silverstripe is headquartered in central Wellington, the capital city of New Zealand, with established offices in Auckland, New Zealand and Melbourne, Australia. Members of the Silverstripe Developer Network and Silverstripe Partners around the world are able to service your needs should you require local development resources outside of Australasia. To get in touch click here.